Running in the rain

So have been slowly started running, need to find myself a running buddy who wouldn’t mind holding an umbrella over me because honestly it does take a while to start enjoying yourself when it’s pissing down with rain or as it did on Saturday started hailing. You could almost hear me starting to cry if you lived in Leyton.

But afterwards, there is such a liberating thought and feeling that you have done it one more time. And honestly when the summer comes, it will be way easier to drag me out for a run, at this moment I look outside and sigh when I see the rain outside. I’ll wait 30 minutes and look outside again, still the same, this might go on for a while until I realise that this is the best it’s going to get. Don’t you just living in the UK, the sunshine country 😀

One day at a time and it might take a while before I get a sixpack but am proud of getting my first blisters LOL.